Terms & Conditions

  When you buy software from us, you are buying a license to use the software, not the source code, your are responsible for obtaining the expected results, for the installation and for the use of the software. All manuals, media and source code within the software are protected by the law.

  Illegal copies or unauthorized distribution of any kind of this software is a violation of the laws and can result in persecution fines and/or incarceration.

  You can:
    a.- Use the app in your device.
    b.- Copy the app in another device or media with the sole purpose of having a backup.

  Yoy can not:
    a.- Give this software or its license to a third party.
    b.- Copy, modify, or transfer this software or any copy of this, as a whole or in parts, except with what this license allows you.

  This license is valid until is void, by means of the destruction of the software and all the copies, or by breaking the terms and conditions of this license.

  You accept that when this license is due, you shall destroy this software and all the copies, together with any printed material or in any media.

  This software is provided with NO warranty of any kind implicit or explicit, including but not limited, to the commercial warranties. The complete risk in quality and functionality of this software is yours alone. If it is proven that this software is defective, you assume the entire cost of the necessary services, repair or corrective expenses.

  We cannot guarantee that all the code of this software, will satisfy your requirements or that the operation of this software will be with no interruptions or free of errors.

  We guarantee that any bug found in this software withing a period of 90 days from the delivered date will be fixed with no cost for you.

The responsibility and solutions from us will be:
1.- To replace the defective media, only if it is returned to us with a proof of purchase.
2.- Under any circumstance, we will not be responsible of any damage as a result from the use or misuse of this software.

Your manifest that you have read this license, that you understand it and that you agree with all the terms and conditions, and all the limitations included. Any change to this terms and conditions will be published in this page.